Wardrobe Reinvention // 5 Ways to wear a knit dress

Wardrobe Reinvention // 5 Ways to wear a knit dress

Time to reinvent that little wardrobe of mine. I actually counted all the items in my closet, and got a surprisingly high number. I mean, who would have thought that there are still about 70 items of clothing in my wardrobe. It looks way less when I stand in front of my closet in the morning. Just goes to show how we tend to underestimate what we have. 
I remember when knit dresses became a trendy item a couple of years ago, and how I resisted getting myself one. I thought that those curve-hugging knits just weren’t suited for a pear-shaped body like mine. I would surely highlight my thigh area, which I’ve always been a little too subconscious about. But, eventually I caved and got myself one. Body-shape style rules are meant to be broken sometimes, I think. And, there are always ways to counterbalance the unflattering effect they might have. Or, just embrace the type of body you’ve got and be proud of that big booty, flat chest, or both. Here’s a few ways to do both. 
 Wearing // Knit dress: H&M / Jeans: gift from Mom / Boots: thrifted / Earrings: Christmas gift from hubby / Necklace: DIY / Watch: DIY (tutorial here)
Wearing the dress with jeans is actually something I started doing fairly recently. I guess I was worried to stretch out the dress before. Now that it’s already 3 years old I don’t care as much, although I doubt it would harm the garment even if it was new. I noticed that wearing jeans underneath seems to make the hips less curvy, although logically it should make them stand out even more. Instead, I feel very balanced and comfy in this outfit. Even kind of cool (shh, don’t tell anyone, but I always kind of wanted to be a cool kid). 

 Wearing // Knit dress and tights: H&M / Boots: thrifted / Earrings: DIY / Belt: from my Etsy shop

Belting is the easiest way to style this dress, and that’s how I mostly wear it. Although, after this little challenge, I find other ways so much more interesting. It’s funny I’ve worn this outfit that much compared to the others, since this is actually the only one of the five that makes me a little too subconscious about my lower half.
The other thing is, that if you wear something the same way over and over again, you just get tired of it. Which is why the wardrobe reinvention exercise is so good. It challenges me to wear old clothes in a new way and fall back in love with them. 

 Wearing // Knit dress and tights: H&M / Vest: thrifted / Boots: thrifted / Earrings: DIY

Adding a vest is a very simple way to elevate the dress. It adds more structure and helps to balance to top half of my body. The vest is exactly the kind of garment that makes a dress like this wearable for pear-shaped women because it moves the focus from the hips to the top, and helps to create a more hourglass-y silhouette. 

 Wearing // Knit dress and tigths: H&M / Skirt: thrifted / Boots: thrifted /
Earrings: DIY / Brooch: from my Etsy shop

This is my favorite outfit of the bunch. It’s just so very me I think. Although I’m slowly moving away from a cute and utterly feminine look, I’m still drawn to a girlie outfit. Plus, hubby said he has the most beautiful wife when he saw me in this outfit, which might have swayed my opinion. 
I used the dress as a layering element for this outfit. It would be perfect for the winter months to add extra warmth when you still want to wear a skirt, but it’s sooo cold outside. Keeps your bum and thighs nice and warm.

 Wearing // Knit dress and tigths: H&M / Sweater: thrifted / Boots: thrifted / Earrings: DIY /
Brooch: DIY / Belt: Seppäla (this belt has a fun story attached to it, but I’ll leave that for another time)

Another great way to layer during winter. This sweater is the most colorful, warm, and fuzzy sweater I own. I love it! It’s one of those sweaters that you can de-pill very easily, so I’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of it already. Something like 5 years I think, which is a lot considering I got it second-hand. All in all, makes for a very comfy outfit. 
And, this is what I do when, after 5 outfits, I’m totally out of poses. Got to work on my modeling skills more, I guess. It’s hard, you guys!
How did you like today’s wardrobe reinvention? Which one was your favorite outfit, and why? I’d love to hear your opinions in the comments!
If you’re new to the blog, you can check out the whole Wardrobe Reinvention series right here, and all the style posts here
Until next time!
xo. Hanna

Wardrobe Reinvention: 3 ways to wear a basic white button-down

Wardrobe Reinvention: 3 ways to wear a basic white button-down

I think it’s high time for another round of wardrobe reinvention! Whenever I feel the routine creeping in, I know it’s time to have fun and create outfits I haven’t put together before.

As you might have guessed, I’m not an office gal. I’m a musician, and thankfully, that and being a student allow me the freedom to dress however I want. So, a corporate type of clothing like the basic women’s button-down doesn’t often find it’s way into my daily style. But, since I do own a button-down that I got from a thrift store some years ago, and it’s still hanging in my closet, I was up for the challenge.

Outfit details: Knit button-up blouse – Reserved (many years ago) / Skirt – thrifted / Boots – Mom’s old / Bracelet – made by me (tutorial)

To make the shirt more me, I removed the collar, although a collared shirt would work equally well, if not better, in these ensambles.

For the first outfit, I paired the button-down with a fun polka dot knit and added a pleated skirt. A fun fact – the skirt is thrifted, but the label says Zara Kids! Ha! It’s adjustable in the back with elastic, and I love it, because it allows me to alter the hight where I can wear it. Loosen the elastic and but the skirt on the hips, tighten the elastic, and wear it up high.
Oh, and the red tights and leather boots were a must for this outfit.

Outfit details: Fuscia crochet blouse – made by me / Jeans –  supermarket find / Flats – old, can’t remember the label / Earrings – gift / Rose ring – made by me

The second outfit might be my favorite, because it combines all the elements I love at the moment. A comfy pair of jeans, a basic piece and a pop of color. I’m so craving colors lately, so naturally I had to find a way to make the basic white shirt a little bit more colorful.

Outfit details: Knit dress – refashioned by me (H&M originally) / Crochet shawl – made by me / White retro boots – from Mom’s youth

The third outfit is perfect for winter! It’s got layers and warmth, and it’s cozy. And I love the white retro boots form my Mom’s closet. They are quite a bit worn, but I’m hoping I can give them a little update with some glue and oil. We’ll see. I don’t dare to take them out on the slippery icy sidewalks yet, but once the snow clears, I’d love to wear them.

Did I mention how much I love wardrobe reinvention? If not, you should know I love it a whole lot! Hopefully the next installment will be soon.

January Favorites on Pearls & Scissors

January Favorites on Pearls & Scissors

January has come and gone, and we’re slowly but steadily moving towards spring. I’m so excited for spring this year! It’s my second favorite season, because it leads up to summer and sun. The winter cold is starting to get me down. I hope the first month of this year didn’t set the tone for the rest of the year, because it was not really that good for me. Non the less, I do love some of the creative projects I did in January. Here are some of my favorites:

The wardrobe reinvention is still my favorite series on Pearls & Scissors. It’s helped me so much to evolve my style and make it more playful. You can check out all the wardrobe reinvention posts here, the little black dress post here, and the jersey skirt posts here and here.

The chocolate box upcycling project was my favorite craft project form January. I’m so glad I have a neat way to organize my earrings, and have a better overview of my jewelry.

We did a big photoshoot with two girlfriends at the beginning of January. It was a fun day with the girls, and a way to learn some new photoshop skills. Better photography skills was one of my New Year’s goals. It was also a fun style challenge, because we created outfits that consisted entirely of thrifted items. My favorite set was this one, and I’ll post some more pics in the coming weeks.

I didn’t do a lot of refashioning posts this month due to being sick for so long in the first half of the month. It really wore me down, and I had to gather new energy and inspiration to get creative again. I love this refashion using shirring to transform the waistline of a simple button-up shirt.

The most important thing for me this January was our 10th anniversary. My life would not be this wonderful without him in it.

How was January for you? Did you have a good start to your year?

November Favorites on P&S

November Favorites on P&S

Another month has passed. And what an exciting month it was, at least here at Pearls & Scissors. It was also the toughest month for me so far blogging-wise, because the days are getting shorter and shorter and the weather has been just so foggy and grey. I am proud though to have stuck in there. I love blogging and I have some big plans for this blog for the new year, so stay tuned. Here are some of my favorite posts from the month of November.

The biggest project in November was finishing Pearls & Scissors’ Fall Lookbook. I love love love how it turned out. It’s everything I dreamed it would be. You can see the individual posts here, here, here and here, and you can browse the full lookbook on my sidebar.

This is still on my of my favorite refashions I’ve done. I think the number of times I’ve worn the cardigan since is a very good indication of successful refashion. If you have a cardigan just sitting in the closet, why not give it a go.

I visited two fabulous blogs in the course of November. I shared a sparkly collar necklace tutorial over at Randomly Happy and showed how to turn a sweater into a skirt over at Merrick’s Art.

I’m always proud of myself when I find a way to repurpose something that I would otherwise throw out. And these gift cans are perfect for the coming holidays.

In November I started a new series of outfit posts. I love playing around with clothing, so I thought I’d share some of my daily outfits in addition to the Wardrobe Reinvention posts. My favorite this month is the navy and black ensamble I wore for a school recital.

Also, don’t forget to check out the gift guides (for her / for him) to get some gift ideas for the holiday shopping list. A lot of handmade goodies in there.

Have a crafty weekend my friends!

October Favorites on P&S

October Favorites on P&S

I hope everyone has a productive week behind them! Mine was a mess of school, work and fighting a nasty bug I caught somewhere. Actually, the fighting is ongoing, so I might skip a post or two. We’ll see.

All of that aside, do you know it’s November already? We are getting close to the holiday season! Every year I think I’m going to make it a special season, but with all the craziness it often seams like the  busiest season, and all the special things get pushed back. Well, this year I’m going to make it special (yes, I know I say that every year). I already have some projects lined up, so you’ll going to see some holiday related projects on Pearls & Scissors throughout November. I hope you’re as excited as I am.

Today I’d like to share my favorite posts from October.

The sweater socks were hands down my favorite project of the month. I already have a new set of sleeves waiting to make a new pair.

I love how the glitter heels turned out. I wore them to a school recital and they were so comfy to sing in.

I shared my story with you. One of the things I love most about blogging is connecting with each and every one of you. I love reading your comments and responding and I love connecting with other bloggers. I love getting to know you and I hope you liked getting to know me a little bit better as well.

This is one of my favorite refashions ever. It may not look much to you, but it was my first custom order and I’m just so happy with the way it turned out.

Last, but not least, another installment of the Wardrobe Reinvention series. I don’t do these posts often, but they are fast becoming my favorite, because I get to be creative in a different way, and I learn so much about myself with each post.

What’s your favorite moment from October? Share your stories and blog posts. I’d love to hear them all!

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