Psst…Working on a New Collection

I haven’t really written a lot about my business here on the blog recently, other than showing you little peeks of the new designs I’m working on. So, I thought today would be a great time to fill you in on my little business journey.

September was crazy busy for me. The start of the school year meant a lot of extra work and much less time to commit to my shop. At one point I even thought about giving up (yes, after less than a month in business), but then I realized something (thanks to my wonderfully supportive Mister). I don’t have to take everything so seriously! This blog and the shop are wonderful outlets to my creativity. I love creating and I love sharing my creations with you. And creativity is all about experimentation and having fun! I want to make the best of this experience. This does not mean, I won’t be investing my time and effort into my business, but it does mean I’m going to relax more and grow naturally rather than force myself into things I’m not really ready to tackle.

So, currently I’m working on a new collection inspired by fabrics. I want to upcycle old t-shirt and other textiles into new gorgeous and fun jewelry. Upcycling/recycling/reuse has always been very close to my heart (shocker, right?), so I wanted to carry on with the same principles I followed when making eco-friendly clothing.

I’m hoping that if the time management experiment works and I can get on track with all my work, I can also finish this collection by the end of next week, so it’ll be in the shop by the end of October, just in time for the Holiday rush.

Oh, and one more thing! I got a really good product idea from one of my collage mates today. It’s something that she felt the need for, and she thought I could make it. Is there anything you’d like to find in my shop? Something you feel the need for, but haven’t found elsewhere? I’d love to hear all of your ideas and needs!

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