DIY Tassel Necklace

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m always late to adapt trends. I like to see, if they stick around for the long run, before I make a new friend, you know? Tassels have been huge around the DIY and fashion world for a couple of years already, and finally, I’m catching up. So, here’s a simple DIY tassel necklace tutorial for you.

I made this necklace as a birthday present for a friends, which is why I don’t have any photos of me wearing it. It was a sort of make and give in one day project. You know how these things go.


  • 1 tassel (or embroidery thread to make the tassel)
  • big and small seed beads in different coordinating colours
  • silk beading thread
  • very thin sewing needle (that goes through the seed beads)


  1. If you don’t have a pre-made tassel, you can easily make one out of embroidery thread. There are tons of tutorials out there to assist you if you’re unsure how to make it. It’s no rocket science, though. Once you have your tassel, thread your needle with the beading thread (cut a piece that’s 10cm longer than your desired necklace length) and feed the needle through the head of the tassel to secure it to the thread.
  2. Pull the thread through the tassel head, so that the tassel is right in the middle of the thread.
  3. Now, thread both thread ends through the needle (this is the only tricky part) and add about 7cm-long strip of seed beads. I alternated between white and golden.
  4. Then, separate the two thread tails again, and begin beading each one separately. Do one tail first and then mimic the other tail according to the first one. Finally, knot the two thread ends together and cut away the tails.

I love the simplicity and elegance of the tassel necklace. I really want to make myself one as well. I really miss having more jewellery like this in my stash. Plus, it’s a pretty quick and easy DIY to whip up over the weekend (hint hint).

xo. Hanna

Guest Post // DIY Flower Crown (with fake flowers)

While I’m enjoying my vacation in Estonia, I’m happy to welcome some guest bloggers to Pearls & Scissors. Today, Sirle from Harjutusnurk is sharing a pretty flower crown DIY. 

Floral crowns have become quite popular around the world in the past couple years. It’s Boho-chic and a fun accessory! Real flowers are always prettier, but sadly they don’t last long. Although you could buy a ready-made flower crown pretty much in every shape and form, they are actually really easy to make, and DIY is just so much more fun. You can just play around with different flowers and colors to get the look you love the most.


  • fabric flowers (you can buy these from different shops, but I would suggest visiting flower shops and craft stores for high quality flowers)
  • thin and thick floral wire
  • wire cutting pliers
  • floral tape ( + craft glue)


Take the thicker floral wire and create a loop for your head. Just twist the ends for the size you’d like. I used extra wire to make it stronger.

Then, select the flowers and remove unnecessary parts. For most flowers you can just pull the blossoms off the longer stems. You’ll notice the flowers still have a little stem on the back. Cut it shorter if necessary, so you can wrap wire easily around the blossom. If the wire doesn’t seem fixated, add some glue and let it dry.

After that, wrap the flower around the thick wire crown. Add as many flowers as you’d like. This is one of the easiest ways to make floral crowns, because you can always unwrap flowers and replace them as you wish, and play around with the design very easily.

All unwanted details can be hidden with flower tape. Just wrap it around the wire part of the crown. At first I didn’t understand how to handle it, because it seems to be just green paper, but it will be tacky after starting to wrap it. No need to use extra glue.

That’s it! Wasn’t that easy? So, take some time and create your own crown to praise yourself and the beauty of flowers!

DIY Fabric Flower Earrings (exclusive DIY)

I’m a fabric hoarder by nature. Ok, let me correct myself – I’m a hoarder of all things that I think might be useful or that I could potentially still use for a project or two. So, I tend to hold on to all those little scraps of fabric left over from sewing projects. A lot of the time, those scraps are too small to use for bigger projects, but sometimes, magic happens, and I come up with ways to use even the tiniest scraps.

These flower earrings are a project I created for my shop almost three years ago. As you know, I closed my shop a few months ago, so I think it’s time to share some of those DIYs with you. They’re just too cute to keep them all to myself.

By now, scrolling through the post, you might be wondering: “Where’s the tutorial?” Well, let me introduce you to the new exclusive DIYs on Pearls & Scissors. I’ve long been wanting to share some DIY project with just those lovelies on the Pearls & Scissors’ e-mail list, and I finally figured out a system for doing so.

The full DIY tutorial for this project is only available to you if you’re part of the Pearls & Scissors’ e-mail list. The good thing is, anyone can join! You can sign up right below this post (click through). Once you sign up, you will get the full DIY sent to your inbox.

If you’re already on the list, the code and link to crack open this DIY should be in your mailbox.

xo. Hanna

DIY Jeweled (Button) Headband

Did you think I was finished with the button jewelry DIYs? Well, for a second there, I thought so, too, but then I remembered I created this  jewel-button headband DIY for the Mood magazine a couple of months ago, and thought it was the perfect time to share it with you.


  • Headband (I used a fabric covered one)
  • Jewel buttons (c/0 Pandahall)
  • Paper and pencil
  • Superglue or E6000


First, place a paper on top of the headband, and try to trace one half of the headband to paper. This will help you with placing the buttons.

Once you have your template, play around with different placements, until you’re happy with the design.

Glue the buttons to the headband, starting from the center and moving to either side. I tried to eyeball the distances of the buttons to transfer the design onto the headband as precisely as possible. Finally, let the glue dry and your done!

This is a really quick DIY and turned out pretty cool, so if you have a headband lurking around and a bunch of pretty buttons, why not give it a go! I think this would also make a really cute DIY to make for a little girl with colorful buttons.

Check out part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4 of the button jewelry DIY series for more cute projects.

xo. Hanna

DIY Button Stud Earrings

button stud earrings diy

This is the final DIY in my button jewelry series. For this one, I turned back to my very first love among buttons – the buttons studs. If you’ve been around for a while, you know I used to sell button earrings in my Etsy shop. I still have a huge stock of earrings left at my parents house. I don’t really know what to do with them now, so I usually end up selecting a new pair for myself every time I visit.

Glueing earring posts to buttons is about as simple as it gets, but damn are those earrings cute. Some of my very favorite earrings are made of buttons. Today I thought I’d show you how I turn shank buttons into earrings. Flat buttons are easy, but shank buttons can make you scratch your head.


  • (shank) buttons (either plastic or metal)
  • wire cutters
  • metal file (optional)
  • stud earrings (posts) and earring backs
  • super glue (like E6000, or something with a gel consistency)


  1. First, get your supplies ready. I used metal shank buttons, but your could also use plastic ones. I’d say this method works on both, although there’s another method you could try on plastic buttons, that I’ll explain below.
  2. Cut the shank of the button off with wire cutters. Try to cut as close to the buttons as possible.
  3. Scrape the rest of the shank off from the button with the tip of the wire cutters, or using a metal file. Try to make the surface as flat as possible.
    Now, when using plastic buttons, one way to remove the shank completely is to heat up the tip of a knife on the stove and then cut the plastic with the hot knife. It should come off like butter.
  4. Use super glue to glue the earrings posts to the back of the buttons. Let dry and you’re done!

And this is how I got myself a new favorite pair of button earrings. Before you run off making your own, I’ve got to warn you – this stuff is highly addictive. Do not come crying to me when you’ve accidentally made yourself 50 pairs of button earrings. (Not that that ever happened to me.) You’ve been warned, friends!

You can find the rest of the button series here, here and here.

Happy making!

xo. Hanna

DIY Button Necklace

button necklace tutorial

Another DIY in the series of button jewelry. This was an idea I wanted to test for a while and I think the outcome is pretty cute. It doesn’t hurt that it comes together in just a few minutes. I love a quick DIy project that you can just whip up when you feel like doing something creative. And, chances are, you have a few buttons laying around to use as well. This could be made with string instead of chain, so it can be even simpler.

(Find previous button creations here and here)



  • buttons
  • jewelry chain
  • jewelry wire
  • wire cutters
  • round-nosed pliers
  • necklace closure

I used what I had n hand, so I needed to add a closure to my necklace, since the chain just wasn’t long enough. But, if you make it a longer necklace that you can pull over your head without a closure, this project gets even easier.

  1. Arrange your buttons onto the jewelry wire.
  2. Use the round-nosed pliers to round the end of the wire to form a loop.
  3. Attach the chain to the loop and close the loop with the pliers.
  4. Push the buttons to the looped and attached end of the wire and cut the rest off leaving a tail for looping the other end.
  5. Loop the other end of the wire and attach the other half of the chain onto the loop.
  6. Take a piece of wire and form an S figure using the pliers. Attach the chain to one of the S curves, and the one part of the closure to the other, close the loops. Repeat on the other side.

All done!

I hope you’re enjoying this series. I love using bits and pieces I already have in my stash to create new things.

You can find the tutorial for the DIY button headband here and the button dangle earrings here.

There’s only 1 tutorial left in the button series. What material should I use next?

xo. Hanna

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