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Mother’s Day Sale!!

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We’re celebrating Mother’s Day this weekend and this year, I’m almost a Mom myself on that day. We have less than 2 weeks left, so you bet I’m getting really anxious to meet little miss.

I wanted to give all Moms and future Moms a little treat for Mother’s Day, so I’m having a big SALE on all my sewing courses this weekend.

You can get 30% off on any and all sewing courses with the coupon code “MOMSALE” (just enter at checkout to get the discount!)

If you’ve wanted to start sewing your own clothes, why not start now? These courses are the perfect introduction with video tutorials, checklists and troubleshooting guides to help you through the process. Honestly, it’s not as hard as you think.

Plus, the course projects are a perfect addition to a summer wardrobe, so this really is the best time to get going.

Sending you lots of love for Mother’s Day and I hope to see you inside the courses ;)!

xo. Hanna

Is the Start Sewing Club right for You? (+ giveaway winner)

It’s easy for me to say that you should all join the club. But, to be fair, the club is not for everyone. Yes, it’s awesome! Yes, it’ll be so much fun! I believe in it 100%. But, is it worth your investment?

I’m here to help you decide.

   Who is the Start Sewing Club for?   

Originally, I created the Start Sewing Club for women who wanted to get into sewing, but didn’t know where to start, or tried and felt overwhelmed by it, and were looking for a fun and engaging place to learn.

So, if you feel that you’d love to 
+ learn all the basic sewing skills to sew your own garments and other sewing projects,
+ start sewing beautiful clothes that fit your taste and body,
+ build a self-stitched wardrobe,
+ learn in group of supportive classmates,
+ have clear step-by-step instructions to follow,
then this course is perfect for you!

Even if you aren’t madly in love with the 2 projects we’re making, you’ll learn so many valuable skills in the process. Those are skills that you can use to stitch up a lot of different garments, so I can promise they’ll come in handy.

This course is ALSO for you, if
+ you have already dabbled in sewing, but feel you’d love to learn some new tricks and techniques to really get a solid foundation,
+ you want to give sewing another go,
+ you could use the extra motivation that comes from being cheered on by a group of awesome, like-minded women to finally get some projects done,
+ you’d love to add 2 self-stitches garments to your wardrobe.

   Who is the Start Sewing Club NOT for?   

The club is not for you, if you have zero interest in learning how to sew.

Sadly, it’s also not the best use of your money if you have no access to a sewing machine. You can borrow, steal (just kidding), or clock in hours at your local sewing cafe if you don’t have a machine of your own.

If you’re an avid seamstress, and you’re way past the basics, it’s probably not the best investment for you either.

   The 3 BUTs that shouldn’t hold you back!   

So, now that we’ve cleared up who the course is for and who it’s not for, I’d love to address a few “but”s I know some of you have. I really don’t want those little roadblocks to stop you from joining.

1. I don’t have time right now.
Whether you feel you don’t have enough free time to do the coursework, or you just can’t be all-in for the 6 weeks, I’ve got you covered.

First, the whole coursework should take you less than 3 hours a week to complete. That’s less than 30 minutes a day, or one weekend afternoon.

Don’t have that much? You will have access to the course materials for LIFE, so don’t sweat it. You can totally still take the course and sew at your own pace. The Facebook group will stay open indefinitely, so you can still connect with the other club members even after the live portion of the course is over.

2. I’m afraid the garments I make will suck.
I’ve done everything I can do make the process fun and easy to follow. There will be video tutorials for every step along the way. AND, you can always get answers to your questions in the comments area and lots of support in the Facebook group. In fact, we’re already discussing supplies.

The other thing I want to emphasize is that this should be a learning experience. Yes, the perfect result would be for you to make a wearable hand-stitched outfit by the end of the course, but even if you’re not in love with the end result, you’ve still learned a ton. And, you’re next makes will already be so much closer to the ideal.

Sewing is all about learning through doing!

3. I can’t afford it.
That’s what we say to ourselves a lot, isn’t it? Especially when it comes to investing in ourselves. This isn’t a necessity – I totally get it. I don’t want you to feel pressured into joining, but I do want to make you think for a second.

Is it that you truly can’t afford to spend that money right now, OR is it that you feel guilty spending it on a hobby?

If you’re feeling guilty, let me ease your mind a bit. I consider sewing one of the most useful skills I have.
It enables me to alter store-bought clothes to fit my body.
It helps me make clothing last longer, because I know how to mend or refashion it.
I can make quality garments that I love, but couldn’t afford buying from a store.
I’m able to create so many practical items for our home myself (from oven-mitts to pillow covers to bedding to curtains to sofa covers, and the list goes on).

Sewing is such a valuable skill-set to have. It will save you money in the long-run.

If you’ve been on the fence about joining, I hope this will help you in making the decision. You can find all the details and join HERE. Registration is open until the 17th of May.

Congratulations to Laura who won the Membership giveaway! So sorry I couldn’t just give out free memberships to everyone who joined the giveaway. I loved all your reasons for wanting to start sewing and I hope I can still see some of you in the club.

What’s the one things that’s holding you back from joining the club?

xo. Hanna

Get a Free Membership to the Start Sewing Club! (Giveaway)

I have a special treat for you today! One lucky lady is going to get a FREE membership to the Start Sewing Club. If you’ve been on the fence about joining, because… All the good excuses. Then today is your chance to win a spot!

You can enter by leaving a comment on this post and tell me why you want to get into sewing. For additional entries, you can tweet it out and share a post of Facebook to increase your chances of winning.

So, leave a comment / + tweet /+ share on Facebook. It’s that easy!

You can tweet and share every day to get additional entries.

The giveaway closes on Sunday at midnight.

Good luck!
xo. Hanna

The Start Sewing Club is Open!

The day is finally here! The epic sewing journey called the Start Sewing Club is officially accepting members!

If you’ve ever thought about learning how to sew,
or would like to extend your sewing skills into making self-stitched garments,
the process of learning all these new skills seems overwhelming,
and you’re really tight on time…



The Start Sewing Club is an epic sewing course that takes you from zero to a self-stitched outfit in just 6 weeks!

More than that! It’s not only a sewing course – it’s a place to connect and engage with other sewing-enthusiasts, and have fun learning together.

It’s the most exciting thing I’ve done since getting married and I would be so honored and happy to have you in the club.

There are only 45 seats available, so if you’re thinking about joining, don’t think for too long. The Club will run for 6 weeks starting on the 18th of May and registration will close on the 17th of May, or once all seats are filled.

You can find all the details and video introduction by yours truly on the official Start Sewing Club site. Go and check it out!

Also, if you have a friend who might like this, be sure to send tell them about the club!

I hope to see you in the Clubhouse!

xo. Hanna

Want to start sewing? Let’s do it!

Lately, I’ve thought a lot about how I can bring more to this blog. For over two years now I’ve shared refashion tutorials, sewing and other DIY projects, home decor tutorials, beauty posts, personal stories and so much more. During these 530 posts (including this one), I’ve had just as many ideas of where I want to take my blog, my life, and my business.

The last couple of months have given me a lot of clarity. I’ve found out what I don’t like doing, and more importantly, I’ve re-discovered the things that make me thrive. I love brainstorming ideas for new DIY and sewing projects and get giddy turning those ideas into reality. I enjoy sharing my ideas, creations and knowledge. I get a kick out of teaching someone something and seeing the joy they get from the aha-moments learning creates. And, I’m happy when I see others use my tutorials to create something of their own.

I’ve always been a woman of many passions. I do my best work and am the happiest when I have many very different things on my plate at once. My struggle has always been finding that one thing that combines all (or most) of my passions. Well, I finally found it!

The Pearls & Scissors Sewing club will be the best place for learning how to sew and connecting with other sewers. I’m so excited about it, I can barely contain myself.

I actually got the idea from you! Questions like “How did you learn how to sew?” “What’s the best way to learn how to sew?” “Where to get started?” “What project should I choose for my first ever sewing project?” or “How to get into garment sewing?” have been the most frequently asked questions on the blog. I hear you! You’d love to learn how to sew, or develop those basic skills you have, but… Oh, all the BUTs.

You’re busy, right? I know. You feel there’s not enough time to start a new hobby, or to even practice the skills you already have.

It’s expensive. There’s definitely no money to put towards it. There’s so much stuff to be bought before you even get to sit behind the sewing machine.

This whole thing feels overwhelming. From machines, to fabrics, to needles, to tools – the list goes on.Where do you even begin, right?

If you’ve ever felt this way, the Sewing Club is for you.

In a series of sewing classes I will take you through the baby steps, and on to sewing garments in no time. Basically, we will go through one mini course a month. Each class will teach a set of skills from the very basics to more advanced as we go along. And at the end of each course, you’ll have a finished garment. Yes, even after the first one!

I think learning is always so much more fun, when done together. Don’t you agree? This is why I’ve named this whole thing a Club rather than a course. There will be awesome featured included so you can interact with your classmates and support each other.

You do NOT need any previous skills in sewing to join. But, you can totally join if you already have some skills and you would love to develop your skills with like-minded ladies (and gents are welcome, too).

You do need access to a sewing machine. See how I said “access” instead of “own”. If you don’t own a machine of your own, maybe there’s someone in your circle who does. Ask around. I bet there’s someone who has a machine they could lend you, or have you use for a couple hours now and again. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy – you can start with a one-stitch 100-year-old Singer if that’s what you have (like I did more than 10 years ago).

You do NOT need a lot of free time to do the course work. All foreseeable monthly courses take about 1-2 hours a week to complete.

I will always try to keep the resource list to a minimum and outline the best and most affordable places to get your materials.

We will be stitching up one garment each month and adding skills as we go. This way, in 6 months, you’ll have a mini self-stitched wardrobe. How cool, right?

If a long-term commitment sounds intimidating, you can also test-drive the courses separately, as they come out.

If you would be interested in getting more info on the club, join the mailing list below! I will send out news about up-coming classes and early bird specials to the mailing list. So, if you don’t want to miss out, sign-up below! Also, you will receive a free 15-page Start Sewing Guide to get started even before classes begin.

Introducing // Hanna’s Little Book of Nesting

I can’t believe I made it through this week. I’ve been working day and night to finish this e-book, and it’s finally here. I’m so excited!
Putting together this book has definitely been one of the most challenging assignments I’ve set myself, but it was also one of the most amazing learning experiences, and so rewarding. Seeing this come together was the realization of a goal I’ve had for a couple of years now. There was never enough time, or resources to make it, but now I think that maybe this idea, along with many others I’ve had, was just waiting for the right moment.
Maybe it was waiting for our first home, our biggest adventure, our move to unknown territories to help us feel like home here. It seems to me that this was the perfect time to turn this idea into reality, and I’m beyond thrilled to share it with you!
Here’s a little sneak peek of some of the projects in the book.
The book includes 10 DIY home decor projects with step by step instructions and lots of pretty pictures of course. Most of the projects don’t require any previous crafting skills, so it’s doable for a beginner as well.
All the materials used are easily found in a nearby supermarket, craft store, or hardware store. I’ve tried to make these projects both budget-friendly, and easy to source.
In addition to the projects, I share ideas and tips to customize each project and play around with different techniques. And, of course, I’ll try to motivate and inspire you along the way.
I struggled to price the book. How to you but a price on all that labour of love, right? Ultimately, I wanted this to be something all of you could afford. So I set the price at 9.90$ – that’s less than a buck for a project.
Thank you so much for being on this journey with me, and for inspiring me to keep going!

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