Photo by Taavi Paal

That’s how long it’s been since I lasted posted in this space. After baby girl was born, I was just trying to stay afloat, settling into motherhood while building another business on the side. Crafting and blogging just didn’t fit into my already overwhelming days. After thinking I’d let the dust settle and come back to it in a couple months, I soon realised the dust would never settle in the same way again.

I remember feeling so torn back in September last year over whether to close this blog for good, or leave what I had created up in the interwebs for people to find and enjoy. Now, I’m so glad I decided to do the latter.

Because I’ve missed this space. And while the dust still hasn’t settled, I’m craving the connection this space gave me. To other crafters, mamas, DIY addicts – to you. So, I decided to start blogging again.

Without a content calendar, a plan, nor an objective. Just for me. Just for fun.

I want to document bits and pieces of our life, share my creative projects (if and when I get around to them) and our family’s journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

If you’re an old friend, you know I’m passionate about sustainable style and LOVE transforming old clothing into new (here’s some proof). Over the past few years, I’ve become more and more interested in the subject of sustainable living and making more conscious choices in our everyday life.

Obviously, this is a loaded topic for many, but my goal isn’t to shame anyone for not being eco-minded, but rather to share different ways in which we as a family of 3 (almost 4) try to make more sustainable choices in our life. We’re FAR from perfect, but that’s my point – it doesn’t have to be all or nothing, every step in the right direction is worth it.

Whether I’ll get around to sharing once a week or once a month, I do not know. Our second baby girl is expected to arrive around the 21st of September, so the dust will once again be up in the air. But thankfully, I feel a bit more prepared this time around, and hopefully, lightning doesn’t strike twice in our house and the second little one will be a much better sleeper than the first.

Here’s to new beginnings!

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