It’s that time of year again. Time to throw those jeans and trousers to the back of the closet, and bring out your skirts and dresses! I’m not a huge fan of tights, so summer is the only time I wear skirt and dresses on a regular basis. But, sometimes a dress turns out to be better as a skirt (or the other way around).

I got this halter dress from a friend and loved the color and the skirt part of it immediately. What I didn’t like that much was the top part. I have never really been into halter-type dresses. And this one had a cleavage I just couldn’t pull off even if I wanted to. So, obviously, a little nip and tuck was in order.


  • 1 old dress
  • your waist measurement in 3cm-wide elastic
  • scissors and seam ripper
  • basic sewing equipment

1. First, I cut away the ribbon detail in the front.
2. Next, I removed the top front bodice of the dress. I just unpicked the seams until I could completely remove the whole halter part of the dress and was left with the skirt part.
3. Then, I cut the back of the dress just as short as the front and cut the elastic to size by putting in around my waist and tightening it to fit snugly around my natural waist.
4. The final step before attaching the elastic to the skirt was to re-sew the side seams of the dress (or now skirt) and sew together the ends of the elastic to form a circle.

5. Now to the fun part. First, I pinned the elastic to the sides to make sure I would be stretching it evenly when sewing. You could do this in 4 places for a more even result.
6. I attached the elastic to the wrong side of the skirt and aligned it with the waist seam. For this seam, I used a 3-step zigzag stitch and just slightly pulled the elastic whenever needed (because the skirt waistband was a bit bigger than the elastic).
7. & 8. Once the elastic was attached, I simply cut away the excess fabric from the upper side of the waistband.

9. Finally, I turned the waistband once to the inside of the skirt and secured the fold on the sides of the skirt.


Loving my new midi skirt! It’s definitely going to get some air-time this summer. I haven’t worn many skirt and dresses in the last year, but I’m looking to change that. Plus, it’s summer, which is the official skirt season anyway. I’m actually thinking about seriously compiling a capsule wardrobe for this summer, and I’m sure this skirt will be in it.

Time to clean out your closet and turn those unworn dresses into lovable skirts.

xo. Hanna

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