button necklace tutorial

Another DIY in the series of button jewelry. This was an idea I wanted to test for a while and I think the outcome is pretty cute. It doesn’t hurt that it comes together in just a few minutes. I love a quick DIy project that you can just whip up when you feel like doing something creative. And, chances are, you have a few buttons laying around to use as well. This could be made with string instead of chain, so it can be even simpler.

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  • buttons
  • jewelry chain
  • jewelry wire
  • wire cutters
  • round-nosed pliers
  • necklace closure

I used what I had n hand, so I needed to add a closure to my necklace, since the chain just wasn’t long enough. But, if you make it a longer necklace that you can pull over your head without a closure, this project gets even easier.

  1. Arrange your buttons onto the jewelry wire.
  2. Use the round-nosed pliers to round the end of the wire to form a loop.
  3. Attach the chain to the loop and close the loop with the pliers.
  4. Push the buttons to the looped and attached end of the wire and cut the rest off leaving a tail for looping the other end.
  5. Loop the other end of the wire and attach the other half of the chain onto the loop.
  6. Take a piece of wire and form an S figure using the pliers. Attach the chain to one of the S curves, and the one part of the closure to the other, close the loops. Repeat on the other side.

All done!

I hope you’re enjoying this series. I love using bits and pieces I already have in my stash to create new things.

You can find the tutorial for the DIY button headband here and the button dangle earrings here.

There’s only 1 tutorial left in the button series. What material should I use next?

xo. Hanna

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