As much as I love strapless dresses, they are a bit hard to wear. First, there’s the comfort issue. We all now they tend to slide down if they don’t have proper boning in them. Second, a strapless dress might be a little overdressed to wear every day. But, as I have very few parties to attend to, it would be a total waste to let this gorgeous dress just sit in the closet for the rest of the time. So, I came up with the idea of adding ribbon straps.


I must confess that these didn’t turn out super comfortable, mainly because the center ribbon was a bit too wide and I need to experiment more on the angles of the ribbons, and maybe they need to cover each other more in the front. But, I love love love the back of this dress now. I mean, it makes me want to walk backwards.

If you like it too, and would like to give this ribbon strap thing a go, here’s how I did it:


1. I started pinning the ribbons to the dress on the dress form. If you don’t have one, don’t worry, this can also be done without a dress form, you’ll just need to pin the ribbons in the back, then put the dress on, and adjust the fit and length of the ribbons in the front.
2. Once I was happy with the position of my ribbons, I marked a line on the ribbons along the edge of the dress, so I’d know how to place them when I started sewing.
3. Before sewing the ribbons to the dress, I sewed the front part of the ribbons together so that the outer ribbons were slightly covering the middle ribbon. This helps to keep the ribbons in place when moving your arms.
4. Finally, sew the ribbons to the dress, and you’re done!


I’m loving my revamped dress! It’s so much more comfortable this way since I don’t have to worry about any boob showing accidents (lol).

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