DIY: How to turn a regular scarf into an infinity scarf

Are just as in love with infinity scarves a I am? If so, this might be something for you. I was in desperate need of a red infinity scarf to match my red barrette and cloves, but I knew knitting one would take hours, and I wasn’t really sure about the design. I didn’t want to spend hours on a scarf I might not like once it’s done. So I came up with a much quicker solution using a regular scarf I knit a few years ago.

The process is pretty simple. Remove the tassels, then sew the two ends of the scarf together and you’ve got yourself a new infinity scarf. I’m very happy with my “new” scarf. And I got to use something I already owned ( I really don’t need to add to my ever expanding scarves and hats collection).

Happy crafting!


  1. Vabandust, et ma su blogi songin, ma ei märganud enne, et mu ema oli sisse logitud Google'isse ja kommentaar läks justkui tema nime alt…


    Ma tahtsin seda öelda, et see on väga tore postitus, aga kui inimesed ise selle peale ei tule, kuidas saada tavalisest sallist lõpmatu sall, siis on käsitöö küll välja suremas.

    Ja siis see ka veel, et sa oled fantastiliselt ilus selle viimase pildi peal. Ütle Tamarile, et ta sul silma peal hoiaks, sest muidu ma tulen ja sebin su ära, kui Tallinnasse tulen.

    • Kärdu, mõnikord lihtsalt ei tule selle kõige lihtsama lahenduse peale. Ja siis on hea, kui keegi annab idee.

      Tamar on selle fantastiliselt ilusa pildi autor ja ta lubab sul mind iga kell sebima tulla. Ootan.

  2. Hello,

    Love all your refashion ideas. Can you please tell me how do you remove the tassels? Wouldn't it unravel everything? Thanks!

    • Thank you for the kind words! My scarf was handknit so I just removed them the same way I attached them, just in reverse. But most store-bought scarfs should have the same system. The scarf is knitted before the tassels are put on, so removing the tassels doesn't unravel it. You can usually see how the tassel is attached when examining it closely. It most always just a punch on yarn folded in half put through a hole in the end of the scarf and then the the yarn tips are pulled through the loop (the fold of the yarn) on the other side of the scarf. Hope this helps!

  3. When I don't want to commit to the infinity scarf I've tied the fringe from one end to the fringe at the other end. Then when I want to wear it as a normal scarf I can just untie the fringe.

    • A great idea! Thanks for sharing!


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