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I’ve been looking for a better way to organize my jewelry for a long time. All my earrings used to be bundled up in one jewelry case which made it hard to find a pair and made me loose track of the earrings I owned. The fancy jewelry boxes with compartments they sell over at the jewelry store are too expensive for my taste, so I knew I had to make something myself. And then it hit me in the middle of eating some chocolate candy. A chocolate box could easily be turned into a jewelry box!

A little glue and pretty paper, and I got myself a perfect organizer for my jewelry. Here’s how I did it:



This step is optional. If you’re afraid that the original color and texts on the box will show through the wrapping paper, you might want to prep your box beforehand. I covered the lid with regular white copy paper and painted the sides of the box with white acrylic paint.


Time to cover the chocolate box with beautiful wrapping paper. I started with the lid. I covered the back side and the lid in one piece. I left enough room in the edges to be able to turn them back an inch or so. You can see the process on the pictures. I messed up the collage a bit, so I’ve numbered the pictures. I blame it on being sick.


The next step is to cover the sides. I cut a long enough strip of paper to cover all three sides, and made sure the width is enough to cover the inside sides of the box. I glued the paper on the sides first, then folded the corners on the back side of the box and then glued the edges of the side strip to the back of the box.

Then I cut the paper in the corners, folded both sides and that way I got a nice neat corner (see above collage).


Before covering the inner sides of the box, there’s one other step to make. To cover the fourth inner side, I cut another wide strip of paper that’s the width of the box lid and the length needed to cover an inch of the lid, the sides and an inch of the bottom of the box. I cut the paper a shown in the picture above to fit the paper in the box.

And then I glued the paper on the other inner sides as well. It did take a little bit of figuring out, but that wasn’t really that hard.


The last step is to cover the inside of the box, the inside of the lid and the backside of the box with cardboard paper to give it the neat finish it need. I measured the inside of the box and cut all the 3 rectangles in the same size.


As you’ve probably noticed, the paper has a lot of air bubbles in the process pictures. To get rid of those, I used the same technique as I did with the gift cans. I made a mixture of water and glue and brushed it over the air bubbles wetting the paper  little bit, and the smoothed them out with tissue paper. some of the bubbles will also disappear with drying.


There’s one teeny tiny step before the box is fully finished. This step should be done after the box has dried fully. For the closures, I glued velcro to both corners of the box.

Whew! That’s it!

As always, leave all your comments and questions in the comments.

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