Wardrobe Reinvention: 3 outfits from summer to fall

If you’re new to the blog, Wardrobe Reinvention is a series I started to challenge myself to find new ways to combine my existing wardrobe and through that gain more knowledge into my style.

Summer in Estonia is what it is (or isn’t) and because of that, there are summers that I get to wear one summer dress. Once. It’s not always this bad, but, I do feel I don’t get to wear my summer clothing enough. Summer is my favorite season and I love summer clothing – all the dresses and skirts and beautiful light fabrics. I miss them during the winter. So, this week I set myself the challenge of creating 3 outfits that include a very summery item. Something I usually wear only during the summer.

dress: made by me / cardigan: H&M / belt: Tally Weijl / upcycled knit scarf: made by me / boots & earrings: thrifted

This one is my favorite and has already had a successful outing. I love the combination of cream white and burgundy (totally rockin’ the fashion color of the season). I think it’s very me as well, I felt very comfortable in it.

shorts & necklace: thrifted / blouse: made by me / cardigan: Reserved / shoes: Kaubamaja

 Sometimes I’m a monochromatic girl, what can I say. Although I like the ensemble, I’m not completely sure these shorts look that good on me. Perhaps I should make them just a tad slimmer in the legs. But, all in all a very comfortable outfit.

skirt: thrifted / tee: refashioned by me / knit coat & knee-high socks: H&M / boots: no idea

The jury is still out on this one. It’s a bit all over the place, or no? I really wanted to make this skirt work. I love the colors and pleats, but I’ve worn it only a few times. It just seems to be not working with the rest of my wardrobe.

I liked this little experiment. How about you? Do you pack away your summer clothing come fall, or incorporate them into your fall wares?


  1. Well, that's funny: today I'm wearing an outfit similar to the first one! :) (summer dress, burgundy tights and long-sleeved T-shirt)

    When it comes to you being a little uncertain about the last one – I think that all the elements combine almost perfectly well :) Almost, because I would go for tights instead of socks (high boots look strange with uncovered knees, imho) The skirt is great, though! Love the colours! :)

    • I agree on the tights part for the last outfit. I just don't have a pair in a matching color. Black is too much. Something coral could be fun.

  2. Yes – Tights are a must for the very summery skirt to look more autumnish – and maybe try this: wear that cool thick belt OUTSIDE the long sweater – keep it unbuttoned but show that great funky belt & pretty waist! Then the boots, top and scarf will rock, also! Just a thought (or two) :) Thx for asking.

    • That's a great idea, Martha! Thanks for pitching in!


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