Sunday Spirit: Pancakes on Sundays

Hello, lovelies! Don't you just love Sundays? Especially when there's pancakes involved. My Mom sent me fresh apples and pears, and apple and raspberry jam. Yummy...

It's been a hell of a week. School is back on, which unfortunately means less time to be crafty. I did spend most of my weekend prepping for the shop relaunch, but I also did some sewing. Mostly boring stuff like hamming t-shirts and pants, but a bit of other stuff, too. Hopefully I can share all of that with you soon.

I have a special treat for you tomorrow! An awesome DIY project, AND a special deal just for you guys for being so damn fantastic.

See you tomorrow!

(yes, I said hell and damn in this post)


  1. Those pancakes look so good! Is there any way you can post a recipe for it? :)


    1. Sure! I'll try to cook a recipe up in time for next Sunday :).

      xo Hanna


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