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Yesterday was an especially rainy and crappy day weather-wise. Otherwise, it was not bad at all. Met up with my favorite girls and listened to some awesome music. That’s as far as the festivities go though. I’m knee deep in preparations for the big shop relaunch. I don’t want to shout out any dates yet, but I’m getting closer every day, and you’ll be the first to know when the time comes.

But, you know what else? This blog is one month old. A whole month of regular posting! That’s a first for me. P&S has really grown to my heart and I hope there are many more creative months ahead. I’m full of ideas that I want to share with you. Can’t wait!

So, for today’s post I thought I’d round up some of my favorite projects from the first month of Pearls & Scissors.

I feel I’ve learned so much from the Wardrobe reinvention series. With every challenge aka post I get a better sense of my style and what I like or don’t like on me. It gives me a totally new perspective.

These custom laces prove that it’s all in the details.

My first ever hair tutorials turned out to be the hit of the blog. I take that as a hint to do many more in the future. My favorite is still this one.

Refashion is my passion! The lace heart cutout tee is hands down my favorite of all time.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this past month as much as I have. I’m so happy and honored that some of you already subscribe to P&S. I love all of the feedback you’ve given me in comments and all the pins and likes and gawks. It means so much to me!

So, if you’d like to be part of the P&S journey with all the awesome creative projects ahead, subscribe to P&S on Bloglovin’ or RSS (just click the buttons on the right!), connect with me on Facebook or Twitter.

What has been your favorite post on Pearls & Scissors so far? Tell me in the comments!

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