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Happy Monday everyone! And mondays mean refashions here at Pearls & Scissors. Today I’m sharing a total reconstruction project. It’s too specific to make into a tutorial, but I thought I’d give you a little refashion inspiration.

Sometimes there is really no way of fixing a garment the easy way. This floral dress was just such a case. It had lost it’s shape and it didn’t look pretty on me either. But the moment I saw it in a local reuse center I fell in love with the pattern of the fabric. Such a pretty floral pattern, and I had just the perfect project in mind for it. I knew it would make a very pretty peplum top. I was reassured by the making of my first peplum top that it was a very good silhouette for my body type and I knew I wanted to make one more.

Now, I know it’s way past summer in these parts, but I think a sleeveless top like this can easily be transitioned from summer to fall by adding a cute cardigan or jacket. Either way, when I get inspired, I want to make it no matter the season. And I’m glad I did!

I did a complete reconstruction with this one. I cut apart the whole dress and recut the pieces with my peplum top pattern I combined from a simple tank top pattern from Burda and Victory pattern’s Ava dress skirt panels.

I used an old white t-shirt to cut the binding for the armholes and neckline. I love when I can make a project using only the things I already have. Oh, and I got the dress for free from the center for buying a big box of buttons. So all in all the material cost of this top was 0€.

I’m rocking the top with my pearls & scissors earrings and the recycled braided bracelet (tutorial here).

How was your weekend? Mine was super creative and I have several awesome crafty projects lined up for you over the course of the next couple of weeks.

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