Your SEO optimized title Experiments in upcycling | Pearls and Scissors

I’ve been experimenting with different upcycling projects and designs in the past week. I feel the need to redesign pre-used materials. I love working with used materials, because they already have a certain form and a character. Their condition can sometimes limit the possibilities of design, but that just makes the process more rewarding, more exciting.

I have a bunch of vintage ties that have been waiting for me to figure out what their second life should be. And I think I finally figured it out. It took me a while, a little experimentation and some trail and error. But, bow belts it is!

I figured out a one-piece design, so I don’t have to cut into the tie at any point. I think it’s pretty cute. I’m considering creating 4-5 of these and adding them to the shop, but I’m really not sure. I would really appreciate Your feedback at this point.

What do you think? Would you wear it?

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