Your SEO optimized title A little shoe makeover | Pearls and Scissors

This is my first ever shoe makeover. I have seen some great shoe transformations around the blogosphere and on Pinterest, but haven’t tackled a single project thus far. Well, that’s all about to change. Because once you take on that first project, you’re hooked. And, it was pretty simple. Just some scissors and a few stitches. Now I’m thinking of new ways to make over the shoes I’m not wearing for one reason or another.

The problem with these flats was that they were super uncomfortable. I mean, they looked cute and all with the straps, very medieval/folksy/milkmaid style, but the straps just didn’t stay where they were supposed to, and you couldn’t tie it tight enough without cutting off your bloodstream. So, a fix was absolutely necessary to make them wearable. Here’s the process real quick:

So, if you have a pair of shoes you just don’t wear, take them out, put your thinking cap on and fix the problem.

(I also fixed the remote control of our building gate yesterday, so it seems I’m a fixer)

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