The six braid crown

For me, summer and braids simply go together. This braided crown is very easy to make and suitable for a beginner, who's only just starting to experiment with braided updos. And, if you have really thick hair, this hairdo is perfect for you. I think it looks super cute + keeps your hair out of your face.

Here's how:

I think steps 1 - 4 are self-explanatory.
5. & 6. Start pinning the braids to your head one by one. Pull them over your head and pin with a few bobby pins.
7. Pull the two lowest braids across the back of the head, so that the one on the left goes to the right and vice versa. Pin them in place.
8. Voila! You're done. Now, wasn't that easy as pie?

P.S! Thanks Anneliis for letting me play with your hair.


  1. Beautiful!

    Now if I just had the hair for this *sigh*

  2. I know what you mean, Natascha. I wish that as well :).

  3. lol hopefully i can do this... i have trouble just parting my hair O.O

    1. Kylie, it's all about practice. I'm sure you can do it!

  4. can you write about every thing your friend uses to have hair that thick...:D

    1. Haha :D Her mother says she drank a lot of apple vinegar while expecting her, and that that's the reason. Either way, she's simply born this way :)


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