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I saw this type of bracelet a long time ago on Pinterest and was immediately smitten. I thought it would be the perfect way to recycle old t-shirts. I made this about a month ago, and last week I started to see similar tutorials popping up all over the web. So, I was a little hesitant to put this tutorial up, but I thought I’d do it anyway since I feel that every tutorial offers something unique.

If you’d like to see how I did it click on “read more” below.

You’ll need:
1. 3 strips of jersey about 2-3 cm wide and 30 cm long. 2 strips of jersey with same width, but 10 cm long. I cut mine from an old t-shirt.
2. Different types of chains. I used 3 different types and bought 1 m of each, but you really only need 50 cm of each.
3. 2 x 10 mm wide ribbon crimp ends
4. 2 jumprings
5.  Clasp (any kind will do)
6. A glue gun or other adhesive (not in the picture)
7. Round nose pliers (not in the picture)

1. Assemble your supplies.
2. & 3. Take the long strips of jersey and twist the ends. Now put a little clue on the edge near the end of one of the shorter strips and glue all the long strips to the short strip.
4. Fold the chain in half, put another coat of glue on and glue the chains to the strips.
5. & 6. Add more glue and glue the shorter strip around the body of the bracelet.
7. & 8. & 9. Braid the bracelet making sure that the chains are visible. Glue the other end of the bracelet just like the beginning.
10. Attach ribbon crimp ends, then use the jumprings to connect the clasp with the crimp ends.

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