Your SEO optimized title 4 Ways to Put Up Your Bangs | Pearls and Scissors

I’ve been growing out my bangs for the last couple of months and anyone who’s ever done it or is doing it right now knows it can be rather annoying. This is why braids have become my hairdo staple. I braid my bangs almost every day. I can’t wait for the hair to be long enough to put behind the ear or into a ponytail. But until then, braids can help me keep calm. So, my fellow bang-growing champions, I’m sharing four ideas to help you through the rough patch after the break.


Update! Check out the tutorial for this one here.


Update! Find the tutorial here.

Update! Tutorial now here.

Which one do you like best? Is there any of theses that you’d like a tutorial on? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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