Want to start sewing? Let's do it!

Lately, I've thought a lot about how I can bring more to this blog. For over two years now I've shared refashion tutorials, sewing and other DIY projects, home decor tutorials, beauty posts, personal stories and so much more. During these 530 posts (including this one), I've had just as many ideas of where I want to take my blog, my life, and my business.

The last couple of months have given me a lot of clarity. I've found out what I don't like doing, and more importantly, I've re-discovered the things that make me thrive. I love brainstorming ideas for new DIY and sewing projects and get giddy turning those ideas into reality. I enjoy sharing my ideas, creations and knowledge. I get a kick out of teaching someone something and seeing the joy they get from the aha-moments learning creates. And, I'm happy when I see others use my tutorials to create something of their own.

I've always been a woman of many passions. I do my best work and am the happiest when I have many very different things on my plate at once. My struggle has always been finding that one thing that combines all (or most) of my passions. Well, I finally found it!

The Pearls & Scissors Sewing club will be the best place for learning how to sew and connecting with other sewers. I'm so excited about it, I can barely contain myself.

I actually got the idea from you! Questions like "How did you learn how to sew?" "What's the best way to learn how to sew?" "Where to get started?" "What project should I choose for my first ever sewing project?" or "How to get into garment sewing?" have been the most frequently asked questions on the blog. I hear you! You'd love to learn how to sew, or develop those basic skills you have, but... Oh, all the BUTs.

You're busy, right? I know. You feel there's not enough time to start a new hobby, or to even practice the skills you already have.

It's expensive. There's definitely no money to put towards it. There's so much stuff to be bought before you even get to sit behind the sewing machine.

This whole thing feels overwhelming. From machines, to fabrics, to needles, to tools - the list goes on.Where do you even begin, right?

If you've ever felt this way, the Sewing Club is for you.

In a series of sewing classes I will take you through the baby steps, and on to sewing garments in no time. Basically, we will go through one mini course a month. Each class will teach a set of skills from the very basics to more advanced as we go along. And at the end of each course, you'll have a finished garment. Yes, even after the first one!

I think learning is always so much more fun, when done together. Don't you agree? This is why I've named this whole thing a Club rather than a course. There will be awesome featured included so you can interact with your classmates and support each other.

You do NOT need any previous skills in sewing to join. But, you can totally join if you already have some skills and you would love to develop your skills with like-minded ladies (and gents are welcome, too).

You do need access to a sewing machine. See how I said "access" instead of "own". If you don't own a machine of your own, maybe there's someone in your circle who does. Ask around. I bet there's someone who has a machine they could lend you, or have you use for a couple hours now and again. It doesn't need to be anything fancy - you can start with a one-stitch 100-year-old Singer if that's what you have (like I did more than 10 years ago).

You do NOT need a lot of free time to do the course work. All foreseeable monthly courses take about 1-2 hours a week to complete.

I will always try to keep the resource list to a minimum and outline the best and most affordable places to get your materials.

We will be stitching up one garment each month and adding skills as we go. This way, in 6 months, you'll have a mini self-stitched wardrobe. How cool, right?

If a long-term commitment sounds intimidating, you can also test-drive the courses separately, as they come out.

If you would be interested in getting more info on the club, join the mailing list below! I will send out news about up-coming classes and early bird specials to the mailing list. So, if you don't want to miss out, sign-up below! Also, you will receive a free 15-page Start Sewing Guide to get started even before classes begin.


Refashionista // Use sleeves to lengthen your sweater skirt

You might not know this about me, but I believe in refashioning my refashions. Whenever I alter a clothing, it's always about finding better use for it. Sometimes that means turning it into a completely new garment, and sometimes it's just a little fix.

When I turned this sweater into a skirt, I had every intention of leaving it that way and using the sleeves for a whole other refashionista project. But, the length of the skirt started to really bother me. You'll only see me in a mini-skirt ince in a blue moon, if that. So, I figured I had to fix the length in order to make this wearable. Insert the sleeves.
If you haven't seen it, check out the first part of this refashion here. And then, if your skirt is too short as well, come back and add some length using the sleeves.
Here's how:
1) Cut up your sleeves.
2) Place the skirt on top of the sleeve and mark the width needed. Add seam allowances. Measure the length you'll need to add and mark that on the sleeve as well. Add hem allowance (about 3cm would suffice) on the bottom, and seam allowance (about 1-1.5cm) on top.
3) Cut out according to the markings. Place the rectangle on the other sleeve and cut out the back rectangle. Place right sides together and sew the sides together (meaning the short ends of the rectangles).
4) Place the wide tube on top of the skirt so that right sides (the outer sides) are together and side seams match up. Pin them in place.
5) Sew the tube to the skirt.
6) press the hem allowance to the wrong side of the fabric.
7) Sew the hem.
8) Give it a good press and you're done!

To get some tips for sewing with knit fabrics, check out this post.
Hopefully, this little fix will help me get more wear out of the skirt. Sometimes, it's ok to refashion a piece more than once to figure out the best fit for you.

I have so much creative juice in me lately, but I just haven't had time to channel it into projects as I've been working on a pretty big project behind the scenes. It's something I'm so excited to share more about tomorrow.

For now, though, what do you think. Do you like the first or the second iteration of the skirt better?

xo. Hanna


DIY a pair of sparkling sequin stud earrings

Sometimes, ideas come to me out of the blue. Well, not exactly out of the blue, but unexpectedly, while I'm creating something else. So, when I was making these sequin and pearl earrings, I was thinking about what a great texture a pile of sequins create, and boom, the idea for these earrings was born. Because, wouldn't it be cool if you could incorporate that texture into a piece of jewelry? Of course it would!
You will need:
1) Felt
2) Scissors
3) Sequins (c/o Pandahall)
4) Super glue (like E6000)
5) Earrings studs
1. Cut out 2 pieces of 2x2cm felt.
2. Cover one piece with glue and start glueing the sequins to the felt. I started by placing the corner-sequins first, and the filling the outer frame and moving inward from there. 
3. With E6000 you can adjust the positioning of the sequins when the glue is still wet.
4. This is how one of my earrings looked after the first layer of sequins. Now would be a good time to let that one dry and do the other.
5. Add another layer of sequins on top of the first layer. Make sure to place the sequins in between the lower layer ones, not directly on top of. This will create a cool texture.
6. Once the glue on the sequins has dried completely, glue the studs to the backside of the felt. Let dry and start sparkling!

I'm totally diggin' these studs! Now, all I need is a party to go to, so I can sparkle around in these. Of course, you're welcome to wear them every day of the week if your shiny like that.

Cheers to unexpected ideas!

xo. Hanna

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