Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Vintage hamper makeover with electrical tape

I don't usually get to do a lot of furniture makeovers since we live in a fully furnished rental, but I always feel such excitement, when I get do restyle something in our home. Now, yes, it's a hamper, but we'll call in furniture anyway. I guess, technically it is :).
The story of this hamper is that it belonged to my parents, and it was the hamper in our home when I was growing up, up until we moved to our house. I have distinct memories of this hamper, which makes giving it a makeover the more enjoyable.
The makeover itself was super easy, though it was a little time-consuming. Or, rather, tedious would be a better word. I got the idea of using electrical tape for this restyle from A Beautiful Mess. I've been wanting to try this method ever since I saw this washer and dryer makeover on their blog. Finally, when my Dad pulled out the hamper from our attic, I knew it was the perfect project for it.

 I used: 

  • a plastic weave hamper
  • black electrical tape
  • scissors
  • a pen
  • books

The process itself was easy. First I taped every other row on the lid, leaving about 2cm of extra on both ends to be able to push it between the surrounding strip. Then I taped every 2 rows on the rest of the hamper. Since I knew my hamper would be facing a wall, I didn't really bother taping in the back.

When the taping was done, I cut all the taped rows in all the places where it crossed the vertical weave. Once cut, I tucked all the edges under the vertical strip. It was pretty easy to move the strips, so the tucking was easy.
The last step was to makes sure the tape was secure and following the pattern of the original plastic strips. So I took a pen and started pushing the tape into the lines on the plastic with the tip. At first I used my nail (like in the picture above), but then I realized that left some marks here and there on the tape, so I switched to a pen, which was smoother. Since the plastic had been weaved to a wooden frame, which didn't support it at all places, I used large books and pushed them against the plastic from the inside, so I could then push the lines in with the pen from the outside.
Love how this turned out! Much more modern, and the tape covered all the bigger stains on the plastic, as well as the rusted nails on the last strip of plastic. Also, I'm so glad I did the tape every 2 rows on and not every other row like on the lid, since you can now get a  better feel for the weave as well. I ran out of tape, or otherwise I would've taped the top 2 rows as well to hide the nail heads.

What do you think about the makeover?

Thanks for letting me share!
xo // Hanna
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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

DIY Gold-jeweled toes for Slip-ons

Being a not so sporty person (huge understatement), I also don't own a lot of comfy shoes. All those sneakers and slip-ons don't really go with my style most of the days. But, when we were on our honeymoon in Pärnu, we happened to see a sales booth selling these super comfy plimsolls for just 13€, so naturally we bought like 4 pairs (I'm not kidding). Friends, these are slippers, for realz. They should not be an acceptable shoe, but they are. And, they come in every color. I've been wearing them like they are for a few times, but I just had that nagging feeling that something was missing. And, if you know me, and I think you do by now, you know I had to give them my own little twist.
Introducing, golden toes! I had some embellishment stones in my stash and used them to jewel my shoe tips, so that everyone can spot my bling a mile away.

 Want in on the sparkly toe trend? (which I just created, ha!) Here's how:
 You'll need:
1) Shoes to make over
2) round and square golden embellishment stones or rhinestones
3) Super glue (E6000 works best)
4) Toothpicks
The steps are super easy.
1) Just take a stone, add some glue to the back of it with a toothpick (makes the application so much easier), and place it in the center of the shoe tip. This does not have to be the exact center, I totally eye-balled mine.
2) Start glueing more round stones on both sides of the center stones. I added 4 on either side, but if you have more stones, you could cover a bigger portion of the shoe tip.
3) When your done with the first row, start at center again and do a second and third layer. Continue until you have the whole shoe tip covered in round stones.
4) At that point, switch to the rectangle stones and place them in between the round ones in a diamond placement.
5) Last, add a row of rectangles in between the diamonds (see picture below).
6) Repeat with the other shoe.
I simply love how these turned out. A comfy shoe disguised as a stylish shoe. That I can do!

Have fun crafting, my friends!
xo Hanna

FYI: if you'd like a pair of those slippers, I found this place online you can get them from (not an affiliate link).
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Monday, September 15, 2014

Words for the Week // No.13

If you've had a rough day, maybe even a rough week, or it's been tough for a while. Hang in there. But, also, don't take all of it on yourself. Lean on others around you, and you'll see how much easier it gets. Phone your best friend. Hug your boyfriend. Go and see your Mom. It helps. Trust me.

There are things that are just passing, and there are things that we can only hope to cope better with in the future. What ever it is for you, hang in there.

Hope you're well!
xo Hanna

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