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DIY Leather Fringe Clutch (tutorial)

I finally get to share this suede fringe clutch DIY with you! I’ve been itching to spill the beans for weeks, but as this was a project for Mood, I had to keep it under wraps until now. It’s by far the favourite DIY I’ve created for the magazine. I just love the colour and look of the suede leather. In true Pearls & Scissors style, I used reclaimed leather for this project. There’s so much good quality leather to be found in thrift stores. I’d hate for it to be thrown in the trash. I’ve been itching to make my own fringe bag ever since the trend exploded all over Pinterest in the spring. I thought cutting my own fringe would turn out to be difficult, but since this was a pretty thin leather, it was surprisingly easy. Now I’m thinking I might need another, even bigger, fringe bag. I’m notoriously slow in warming up to new trends. Above all else, I believe in classic style, that stands the test of time (which in my opinion is the base of sustainability), but every once in a while, something classic becomes extra trendy, and even I can get on that train. SUPPLIES: (Reclaimed) suede or ordinary leather (an old skirt or jacket is perfect for this project) 38cm long zipper Basic sewing equipment (machine, thread, leather needle) Scissors or a rotary cutter (with matt) Glue stick Ruler and pencil HOW-TO: STEP 1 – Cut the material First, you need to cut the material to size. Cut two 40x25cm pieces of leather for the bag. Then, cut four pieces for... read more

Refashionista // 80’s Dress Gets a Makeover

These types of refashions are my absolute faves. As a kid I loved to sort through my Grandma’s closet, and the love for old dresses from decades past has stayed with me. Not that I actually like the garments – some of them are hilarious, but I love the potential in them. Which is why I was so excited to give this 80’s dress a trendy makeover. (Warning! This post is very photo heavy. I loved so many pics from this shoot that I just had to include a million.) I’m not sure how this dress got into my ever-growing pile of refashionista material, but I think it was given to my Mom by someone who thought I could make something out of it. I think it’s so cool that once people know that I sew and refashion, they actually think of me when they have something they don’t use anymore. These gems are always a welcomed gift. I loved the fabric, and had a vague refashion idea from the beginning, but somehow the doing part got pushed back again and again. Like about 4 years or so. Ups. But, sometimes I feel ideas need time to sit, and the ones that have percolated a long time usually turn out the best. I found this 80’s gem again when going through my stuff back at my parents’ house during my vacation, and I knew its time had come. So I packed it into my suitcase (along with a couple others). Once I was done with the makeover, I was so sad I hadn’t made this sooner. Luckily, we had... read more

On Our First Year of Marriage

Photo on the left by Kerli Halliste // Photo on the right by Rauno Kalda I can hardly believe it’s already been a year (and 26 days) since we got hitched (see all the wedding posts). But, then again, it sometimes seems like ages ago. So much has changed during a year that it makes it feel like decades. There’s been rough days, and there’s been days filled with joy, but whatever the days were like, they were all full of love. I’ve been brainstorming what kinds of traditions we want to set up to celebrate our anniversaries. Finally, I came up with the idea to start taking photos every year under the tree where we said our “I do”‘s. I love that mighty oak, and it’s such a perfect symbol of a marriage. It will be so fun to see how our family grows and evolves through the years, and how that oak will remain just as mighty and strong behind us. So, how does marriage feel after a year? It’s still awesome! I love being married to my best friend. I’ve seen a lot of people online say that the first year of marriage is though, but I can’t relate to that at all. It’s been so easy to be married to my husband, and he constantly says I’m the perfect wife. We both work on being the best partner in crime for each other, so our relationship just keeps on getting better and better. What I can say is that this year has been very hard on us individually as persons. I’ve had to reinvent myself,... read more

DIY Simple Jersey Maxi Skirt (Exclusive)

I’ve been enjoying sewing things from scratch lately. It’s a special kind of satisfaction to finish off a fabric that’s been in my stash for a while (read: years). I still had a lot of yardage of this coral jersey tubed fabric that I previously used to make  this DIY maxi dress and this pullover. I had just a big enough piece (and then some) to make a maxi skirt from. And we all know how much I love me a maxi skirt. Honestly, I was getting a little bit tired of the colour, so once I was done with the sewing, I just threw it into black dye. Ok, full disclosure, guys… I actually wanted to create an ombre look, and I did, but then it got totally ruined in the wash (wash hand-dyed garments separately – lesson learnt), which meant throwing it back into dye – whole this time. I didn’t have a big enough basin to dye this maxi in, so I knew the colour would be uneven. To make this effect even more exaggerated, I didn’t stir it much once it was in the dye, and prepared to be surprised. I must say I kind of like this uneven look, and the deep plum colour that came out of the coral+black mix. This DIY is part of the exclusive DIY series I’m creating just for the Pearls & Scissors’ e-mail list members. Every month, I’ll create at least one exclusive DIY, and as a member, you get access to the whole gallery of past and present DIY tutorials for free.  Join the mailing list below... read more

My Health Story // August Update

These monthly updates are a way to document my journey to a more healthy and happy lifestyle. You can read about why I started and what I hope to achieve in this post.  Time for another health journey update. As you can probably guess from the photo above, this past month was sort of split in half. I did really well on my goals until my vacation, and then had a huge relapse while in Estonia. This is what I was afraid of, but the again, I don’t want to beat myself too much for not sticking to my goals for 2 weeks. I still think I made some progress, especially mentally. I had big plans to stick to my guns and choose healthy meals and keep up with jogging. This lasted for about the first 4 days of my vacation, and it just went downhill from there. But I still learnt some valuable lessons. I started to drink less coffee while I was there, because I didn’t have tasty options available all the time, plus I was way more rested, so I just didn’t need it. When I got back, I started drinking my 2 cups a day out of habit, but quickly realised I wasn’t finishing the second cup, so I’m trying to not even make it. A big revelation from my vacation was how much my body needs water. When I wasn’t consciously drinking it, and we were out and about a lot, I started to drink less water, and I really felt how that affected me. I got headaches, and felt more tired those evenings.... read more

Refashionista // Turn Old T-shirts into a Tie Dye Dress

I’m finally back! It felt so good to take some time off blogging, and honestly, after my stay in Estonia, I needed a few days to catch up and get back into a rhythm. I’m slowly getting into a routine again, and so excited for a new season to start. Not because I particularly love autumn, but the back-to-school vibe always gets my creative juices flowing and gives me an extra boost in productivity. So, all in all, it’s good to be back. I’m going to switch up the content plan on the blog a little, so I’m going to post a new refashion every Monday. There will be some other shifts happening, but I’ll write more about that in an upcoming post. Now, onto today’s refashion. This project was one of those light-bulb moments. I’d been staring at these two T-shirts (well, technically a sleeveless top and a turtleneck, but who cares, right?) for months now, trying to figure out what to make out of them. I toyed around with a couple of different ideas. Thought about just dying the sleeveless one, and turning the turtleneck into a T-shirt, but none of the options seemed the right fit. The right idea finally hit me when I was looking for some material for a simple summer dress. I had been wearing my summer capsule for almost 2 months at that point, and I felt I was missing a comfy short dress I could just throw on. Since both of the T-shirts were white, I thought it would be easy to use the sleeveless one as the bodice, and make... read more

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